Top 21 Travel Agency in Nigeria (Visa • Tour • Study Abroad)

Top 21 Travel Agency in Nigeria(Visa • Tour • Study Abroad)

Travel Agency in Nigeria: Are you currently in search of the most reputable travel agencies in Nigeria that are not only duly registered but also offer cost-effective services for your various travel needs, including visa application assistance, domestic and international flight bookings, holiday and vacation packages, as well as guided tour options? Additionally, are you interested in acquiring travel cards and SIM cards to ensure seamless connectivity during your journeys?

If your answer is affirmative, then you have arrived at the perfect article for your quest.

In recent times, the travel industry in Nigeria has experienced remarkable growth and development. This transformation has been driven by the emergence of highly dependable travel companies and experienced travel agents who are equipped to cater to a wide range of travel-related requirements. Whether you’re planning a vacation, embarking on international exploration, or simply seeking assistance with visa applications, you’ll find a wealth of reliable options in the Nigerian travel industry to fulfill your travel aspirations.

A considerable number of Nigerians embark on journeys abroad for various purposes, including but not limited to educational pursuits, employment opportunities, leisurely vacations, business ventures, matrimonial engagements, and tourism exploration, among others. Given the diverse nature of these travel objectives, there arises a critical necessity to engage the expertise of seasoned professionals well-versed in the intricate realm of travel and tourism.

This specialized assistance is indispensable for ensuring a seamless and triumphant visa application process, including sound advisory services on the essential travel prerequisites, such as documents, financial requirements, and other crucial aspects. These professionals serve as invaluable guides who can help navigate the intricate pathways of international travel.

Within our comprehensive list, we have meticulously curated a selection of the finest travel agencies, extending their exemplary services across prominent Nigerian cities like Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, Asaba, Port-Harcourt, Owerri, Kaduna, and numerous other states throughout the nation. These agencies are renowned for their unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in every facet of their service provision, consistently exceeding the expectations of their esteemed clientele.

If you are eager to embark on your travel journey and are seeking the best possible assistance and guidance, then it is time to take the next step and explore the wealth of opportunities that lie ahead.

What Constitutes a Travel Agency?

If you have aspirations of journeying beyond the borders of Nigeria, the services provided by travel agencies in the country become indispensable. A travel agency is a specialized company equipped with comprehensive knowledge of the various components that constitute the realm of travel and tourism, encompassing destinations, modes of transportation, climatic conditions, accommodation options, and other facets of the service sector.

These expert entities not only offer valuable advice and recommendations to tourists but also engage in the facilitation of travel packages, either in the form of pre-arranged tours or individual components of travel products. In essence, a travel agency functions as one of the most pivotal and influential organizations within the private tourism sector. Its role is instrumental in shaping and promoting tourism, whether at the national level or within specific destinations.

Currently, there are more than 75 active travel agencies operating in Nigeria, each contributing significantly to the facilitation of travel experiences for individuals and groups alike. A prospective travel agency is one that diligently plans various aspects of travel, including the procurement of travel tickets (be it for air, rail, road, or sea transportation), the acquisition of essential travel documents (such as passports and visas), arrangements for accommodation, and the provision of entertainment and other travel-related services from primary suppliers.

Moreover, a reputable travel agency may also extend its services to secure travel insurance and foreign currency exchange to cater to the needs of travelers.

Selecting the Right Travel Agency in Nigeria

As you prepare for your international journey and seek to engage the services of a travel agency, it’s essential to take several factors into careful consideration. These elements will play a pivotal role in ensuring a successful and enjoyable travel experience.

1. Location

Prioritize verifying that the travel agency you intend to work with maintains a presence or has local representatives in your geographical vicinity or nearby regions. This geographical proximity can significantly enhance the convenience of your interactions and communications with the agency, making it easier to address any travel-related inquiries, concerns, or logistical matters.

2. Services

It’s highly advisable to thoroughly investigate and gain a comprehensive understanding of the array of services provided by the travel agency. This exploration should encompass an inquiry into the agency’s offerings, encompassing key aspects such as visa application assistance, facilitation of domestic and international flight bookings, provision of travel insurance options, opportunities for holiday and vacation planning, as well as access to study abroad programs and thoughtfully curated tour packages. By doing so, you can ensure that the agency aligns with your specific travel needs and requirements, thereby guaranteeing a tailored and satisfying travel experience.

3. Reputation

Take advantage of online review platforms to assess the reputation and feedback of the travel agency in question. These online resources provide an invaluable opportunity to peruse the experiences and opinions shared by other travelers who have engaged with the agency’s services. By consulting these reviews, you can gain valuable insights into the agency’s track record, customer satisfaction levels, and overall performance, allowing you to make an informed decision regarding your travel plans and the choice of the agency that best aligns with your needs and preferences.

4. Experience

To make a well-informed decision when selecting a travel agency, it’s prudent to inquire about the agency’s tenure in the travel industry and the extent of their experience in facilitating travel-related transactions. This inquiry aims to ascertain the agency’s track record and operational proficiency, both of which are pivotal in ensuring a seamless and successful travel experience.

Begin by seeking information regarding the agency’s establishment date, essentially uncovering how long they have been operating within the travel sector. A longer-standing presence often implies a wealth of experience and a strong foundation in the industry.

Additionally, inquire about the volume of transactions the agency has effectively executed throughout its existence. This statistic serves as a tangible indicator of the agency’s level of activity and expertise, offering valuable insights into their ability to efficiently handle various aspects of travel planning, from booking flights and accommodations to securing visas and organizing tours.

By delving into these details, you can better assess the agency’s suitability for your travel needs, as a well-established track record and a substantial history of completed transactions typically translate into a reliable and capable travel partner.

5. Communication

It is of paramount importance to ensure that you establish a comfortable and effective line of communication with the travel agent you intend to collaborate with. Effective communication is vital for a seamless travel planning experience and ensures that your needs and preferences are fully understood and met.

Start by gauging the agent’s availability and communication preferences. Inquire about the hours during which they are accessible for assistance and clarification of any travel-related inquiries or concerns you may have. Additionally, ascertain the communication channels preferred by the agent, whether it be email, phone calls, text messages, or other modes of communication. Understanding their preferred methods of interaction allows you to align your communication styles for optimal correspondence throughout the planning and execution of your travel arrangements.

By establishing clear and comfortable lines of communication, you can foster a productive working relationship with the travel agent, enhancing the overall travel planning experience and ensuring that your travel aspirations are effectively addressed.

21 Best Travel Agency in Nigeria

Presented here is a compilation of some of the most reputable and highly regarded travel agencies in Nigeria that you may consider engaging with for your travel-related needs and aspirations. These agencies have consistently demonstrated their commitment to delivering exceptional services and have garnered a strong reputation within the industry, making them prime choices for individuals seeking reliable and trustworthy partners to facilitate their travel experiences.

21. Danza Travels and Tours

Danza Travels and Tours stands as an esteemed and prominent professional travel service provider within Nigeria, distinguished for its unwavering commitment to consistently deliver exceptional travel services. The core pillars of their service philosophy revolve around prioritizing customer service, cultivating high levels of customer satisfaction, and offering value-added services that set them apart in the industry.

In their steadfast pursuit of becoming a preeminent leader in the travel sector, Danza Travel and Tours have strategically outlined four fundamental areas of focus:

Financial Stability: The company places a premium on maintaining a robust and secure financial standing. This financial health ensures their capacity to deliver consistent and reliable services to their clientele.

Customer-Centric Excellence: Danza Travel and Tours are dedicated to providing superior service to their customers. This commitment transcends mere transactions; it is about forging enduring customer relationships that lead to loyalty. These loyal patrons, in turn, become advocates who generate repeat business and referrals, thereby opening up new and expanded opportunities for the company.

High-Performance Team: The agency places a significant emphasis on cultivating a high-performing team. This team embodies competence in catering to customer needs and excels in delivering results. Their professional ethics and adherence to Christian values underscore their approach to serving clients with distinction.

Cost Efficiency: Striving for cost efficiency, Danza Travel and Tours endeavors to deliver all of the above-mentioned objectives while maintaining a competitive edge in terms of cost-effectiveness within the travel industry.

Through this strategic framework, Danza Travel and Tours aim to uphold their status as a reputable and forward-thinking entity in the realm of travel services, poised to continually meet the diverse needs of their valued clients while upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct.

Contact Information:

  • Address: Aaron’s Place, No. 17 Ibusa Avenue, Independence Layout, Enugu.
  • Phone: +234(0)80-386-916-54
  • Email: [email protected]


The fundamental mission of Ajala Nigeria is to not just facilitate your journeys but to embark on transformative adventures alongside you until you achieve your desired goals.

In addition to safely transporting you to your chosen destinations, we extend our services to provide you with comfortable accommodations, guide you to the finest culinary experiences, and help you discover the places you’ve always dreamed of.

Our company is wholeheartedly committed to eliminating any potential complications that might come your way by meticulously managing every detail, ensuring that you are entirely engrossed in the experiences that ignite your passions.

With us, you gain access to the most advantageous and budget-friendly options for both local and international travel, as well as unbeatable rates for cruises and accommodations. Furthermore, our unwavering commitment to customer support means that you have access to limitless assistance whenever you need it.

Our comprehensive services encompass everything from visa processing to expert tour guidance, travel financing options, and thoughtfully curated group travel packages. With Ajala Nigeria, your journey is not merely about reaching a destination; it’s about the entire enriching experience we provide along the way.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 35 Corporation Drive, Dolphin Estate, Lagos.
  • Phone: +234 1 631 1448
  • Email: [email protected]

19. Leben Travels and Tours

Leben Travels and Tours stands as a noteworthy and distinguished travel agency that has been making its mark within the African travel industry since its inception in 2017. The agency owes its establishment and visionary direction to the enterprising and dedicated Mr. Leroy Egega, a young entrepreneur with a fervent commitment to fostering growth within the aviation sector.

At Leben Travels and Tours, they take pride in their reputation as a well-regarded and meticulously managed company. Their portfolio is replete with a history of successfully simplifying and streamlining the intricate world of travel for each and every one of their valued clients. This commitment to excellence underscores their approach to service, setting them apart as a trusted partner dedicated to ensuring that the travel experiences of their clientele are not only memorable but also exceptionally smooth and hassle-free.

With a clear focus on enhancing the aviation industry, Leben Travels and Tours has positioned itself as a dynamic and forward-thinking entity within the travel landscape. Their dedication to innovation, professionalism, and customer-centric service is evident in every aspect of their operations, making them a reliable choice for travelers seeking a partner capable of turning their travel aspirations into realities.

Service Offerings

  • Visa Assistance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Approved Visas
  • Flight Booking
  • Hotel Booking
  • Payment

Contact Information:

  • Address: Office 5, No 1, Olayiwola Street, by Charity Road, New Oko Oba, Abule Egba, Lagos State.
  • Phone: (+234) 0704 406 3659, (+234) 0811 377 3271
  • Email: [email protected], [email protected]

18. Tifa Travels and Tours

TIFA Travels and Tours Limited is a distinguished and accredited IATA (International Air Transport Association) agent that has been a prominent presence since its establishment in 1990. Over the years, it has solidified its position as a premier agency, catering to a diverse clientele, both for domestic and international travel routes within Nigeria.

One of TIFA Travels and Tours Limited’s most distinctive attributes is its exceptional rapport with various airlines. This well-nurtured relationship extends across the spectrum of airlines, establishing the agency as a trusted partner. This advantage allows TIFA Travels and Tours Limited to provide its clients with access to cutting-edge flight information, characterized by precision and technological sophistication. Coupled with this, the agency is known for its unwavering commitment to diligence and the swift delivery of services.

Furthermore, TIFA Travels and Tours Limited has an impressive track record in orchestrating and executing numerous successful tours. These tours have taken clients to an array of captivating destinations, including Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Belgium, and various other parts of Europe. This extensive experience in tour planning and execution underscores the agency’s competence and proficiency in curating travel experiences that leave a lasting imprint on travelers.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 31, Oba Akran Avenue, 100282 Ikeja, Lagos State.
  • Phone: +234 (0) 1 629 0064, +234 (0) 8025729542.
  • Email: [email protected].

17. Ufitfly

UFITFLY Limited stands as a preeminent travel agency committed to addressing the diverse travel requirements of both individuals and organizations. Over time, the company has evolved into a reputable and highly trusted entity within the travel industry, distinguishing itself as a reliable intermediary connecting clients with a multitude of airlines and other service providers.

One of the core principles that underpin UFITFLY Limited’s approach is the recognition that every individual and client account is inherently unique. This foundational belief drives the agency to meticulously craft personalized and tailored travel plans that align precisely with the unique needs and preferences of their valued customers. In doing so, UFITFLY Limited places a strong emphasis on ensuring that the business relationships they cultivate with their partners are characterized by equitable and mutually beneficial outcomes.

As a result, UFITFLY Limited has established a track record of providing travel solutions that not only meet but often exceed the expectations of their clientele. This commitment to excellence, coupled with a steadfast dedication to fostering mutually rewarding partnerships, positions UFITFLY Limited as a trusted and dependable choice for those seeking travel services that are thoughtfully designed to cater to their specific requirements.

Exclusive Promotions

Certainly, here are the destinations:

  • Singapore
  • Dubai
  • Nairobi
  • Ghana
  • Sun City
  • Jerusalem
  • Madinah

Holiday Getaway Package

Certainly, here are the destinations:

  • Enchanting Singapore
  • Captivating Dubai
  • Nairobi Safari
  • Zanzibar Paradise
  • Nairobi to Mombasa
  • Discover Turkey
  • Thrilling Badagry Adventure

Office Locations

Certainly, here are the office locations:

Block 8, Plot 15, 7Up Road, Oluyole Main Estate, Ibadan.
Phone: (+234-901-111-1190)

1st Floor, Stanbic IBTC Bank Building, 36A Toyin Street, opposite IBIS Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos.
Phone: (+234-708-292-3980)

Level 1 Suite 5A Dominion Plaza Igbo Efon Bus Stop, Lekki Epe Express Way.
Phone: (+234-907-037-5032)

Top Floor, Madeleke Plaza, 7, Lajorin Street, off Muritala Muhammed Way, Ilorin.
Phone: (+234-901-111-1923)

First Floor, Oryz Mall, opposite First Bank, 49 Iwofe Road, off Ada George (by Pepperoni), Port Harcourt.
Phone: (+234-907-037-3696)

Suite C110, Garki Mall, Plot 1580 Damaturu Crescent, off Kabo Street, Garki Abuja.
Phone: (+234-901-111-1920)

Km 4, Beside Sterling Bank, Ogo-Oluwa, Gbongan-Ibadan Express Way, Osogbo.
Phone: (+234-901-111-1924)

2nd Floor Emmanuel Plaza, opposite Idera Pharmacy, Panseke, Abeokuta.
Phone: (+234-802-524-6945)

16. Visa Travels and Tours Limited

Before the establishment of Visa Travels, it became evident that there was a considerable void in the realm of air travel services, particularly concerning the delivery of services tailored to the discerning needs of high-net-worth individuals. This recognition of an unmet demand and the aspiration to provide customized services to a carefully selected clientele culminated in the inception of Visa Travels and Tours Limited, headquartered in Kano.

The formalization of this enterprise occurred on the 5th of December 2000 when Visa Travels and Tours Limited was officially incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Abuja. Since its inception, the agency has been on a mission to redefine and elevate the standards of travel services, particularly for the discerning traveler.

Visa Travels and Tours Limited holds the distinction of being an IATA (International Air Transport Association) accredited indigenous travel agency. This accreditation underscores the agency’s commitment to upholding the highest industry standards. Furthermore, Visa Travels is duly registered with both the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) and the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC), further solidifying its position as a reputable and trustworthy player within the travel sector.

With a steadfast dedication to excellence and a keen focus on serving a distinct segment of the market, Visa Travels and Tours Limited has positioned itself as a prominent player in the travel industry, dedicated to delivering exceptional travel experiences to its valued clientele.

Service Offerings

Certainly, here are the services:

  • Holiday Packages
  • Ticketing and Reservations
  • Group Tours
  • Conferences and Seminars
  • Visa Advisory Services
  • Holy Pilgrimages

Kano Office:

  • Address: 1, Bompai Road, Near Central Hotel Roundabout, Kano.
  • Phone: 0803 787 0037, 0805 687 6060, 0809 265 9567.
  • Email: [email protected].

Abuja Office:

  • Address: Plot 68, 1st Avenue (By Shehu Shagari Way), Zone AO, Central Business Area.
  • Phone: 0803 787 0037, 0805 687 6060, 0806 907 0415.
  • Email: [email protected].

15. Caham Travels and Tours Ltd

Caham Travels is a comprehensive and all-encompassing travel and tour agency, committed to catering to the diverse needs of travelers by offering a wide spectrum of services. This includes assisting travelers with every facet of their vacation, ranging from securing flight tickets and arranging hotel accommodations to organizing immersive tours at their chosen destination.

One of the standout features of Caham Travels is its extensive selection of holiday packages, which encompass some of the most coveted and sought-after destinations across the globe. These meticulously crafted packages are designed to provide travelers with a hassle-free and unforgettable experience, ensuring that every aspect of their journey is thoughtfully arranged and expertly managed.

To further enhance the quality and diversity of their offerings, Caham Travels has established collaborative partnerships with a diverse array of tour operators. These partnerships extend across continents, spanning Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and both North and South America. Through these strategic alliances, Caham Travels has curated a diverse portfolio of accommodation options, meticulously tailored to meet the unique preferences and requirements of travelers from various market segments.

In essence, Caham Travels distinguishes itself as a travel agency that goes above and beyond in its commitment to delivering exceptional travel experiences. By offering a comprehensive suite of services and forging partnerships with tour operators worldwide, Caham Travels is well-positioned to offer travelers a seamless and unforgettable journey to their chosen destinations.

Service Offerings

Certainly, here are the services offered by Caham Travels:

  • Visa Processing
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises
  • Work and Study Overseas
  • Vacation Packages
  • Destination Wedding and Honeymoon
  • Corporate Business Travels and MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions)
  • Canada Visa and Relocation
  • Travel Insurance

Contact Information:

  • Address: Suite 222, Bolingo Hotel, 777 Independence Avenue, Central Business District, 900211, Abuja.
  • Phone (WhatsApp): +2348066956586
  • Email: [email protected]

14. Tamarks Travels and Tours

Tamarks Travels and Tours Limited, a duly registered travel company, embarked on its journey in 2014 with a clear mission: to offer comprehensive travel solutions to both individual and corporate travelers. Recognizing the often intricate process of securing visas for various destinations, Tamarks Travels and Tours Limited positioned itself as a reliable partner for travelers seeking visa processing assistance, whether for leisurely holidays or participation in international conferences and exhibitions.

Since its inception, Tamarks Travels and Tours Limited has undergone remarkable growth and transformation, evolving into a reputable and well-established travel company. This evolution has been characterized by the establishment of extensive international partnerships, enhancing the range of travel services available to a diverse clientele.

Tamarks Travels and Tours Limited is committed to serving as a one-stop solution for all your travel needs. Whether you’re in search of cruise bookings, airline tickets, accommodations, or a comprehensive travel package, their dedicated specialists are at your service. Simply share your desired destination with one of their experts, and they will expertly handle the rest, ensuring that your travel experience is seamless and tailored to your unique preferences.

Service Offerings

Certainly, here are the services offered:

  • Domestic and International Flights Ticketing and Reservations
  • Hotel Bookings and Reservations
  • Airport Transfers and Cruises
  • Visa Consultation and Assistance
  • Medical and Tailor-Made Packages
  • MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events)
  • Honeymoons
  • Short Getaways
  • Special Holiday and Business Travel Packages
  • Pilgrimage Tours and Family Vacations
  • Health and Travel Insurance
  • Car Hire Services
  • Executive Card Management Program
  • Travel Loan and Instalment Plan

Contact Information:

  • Address: Delchris Plaza, Suite 5, No. 1 Baybridge Road, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria
  • Phone: +2348134410845, +2348125555612

13. Ugofly Travels and Tours Ltd

Ugofly Travels and Tours represents a modern-era travel agency committed to providing customers with unparalleled convenience and top-notch services.

This company is dedicated to several key principles and services:

  • Offering cost-effective solutions to meet customers’ travel requirements efficiently and to their utmost satisfaction.
  • Ensuring rapid responsiveness to customer needs, prioritizing quick and effective assistance.
  • Delivering world-class travel services, both domestically and internationally, catering to a diverse clientele.
  • Demonstrating a track record of successful assistance to numerous companies and individuals in their travel endeavors, consistently achieving impressive results.
  • Collaborating with companies and individuals as trusted partners in addressing all their travel and tour needs, enabling them to concentrate on their core missions and reach their destinations seamlessly.

Ugofly Travels and Tours has earned widespread recognition for its efficiency, customer-centric approach, service-oriented mindset, and innovative product offerings. The agency holds the prestigious accreditation by IATA (International Air Transport Association) and proudly holds membership in NANTA (National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies).

With its unwavering commitment to excellence, Ugofly Travels and Tours stands ready to serve the discerning needs of customers who demand nothing but the very best in travel services.

Contact Information:

  • Address: Novotel Hotel Building, No. 3 Stadium Road, By Airforce Junction, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
  • Phone: +234 803 343 1029
  • Email: [email protected]

12. Tour Brokers International

Tour Brokers International Limited (TBI) embarked on its journey in 2002 with a distinct vision: to professionally curate and deliver tourism services tailored to the preferences of discerning Nigerian business and leisure travelers, as well as expatriates residing in Nigeria. Since its inception, TBI has consistently been dedicated to its mission of providing exceptional travel experiences.

TBI’s range of services is both diverse and comprehensive, designed to cater to a broad spectrum of traveler needs. These services encompass various facets of travel, including business travel, leisure travel, meetings and incentives, educational and school excursion tours, family and holiday packages, honeymoon packages, adventure tours, special interest group journeys, staff incentive packages, corporate travel management services, visa procurement services, travel insurance arrangements, destination services, travel and tourism consultancy, as well as cruise vacations, among others.

The management team at TBI is composed of seasoned travel professionals, each equipped with a wealth of knowledge and a fervent passion for the services that TBI offers. This wealth of experience ensures that TBI consistently maintains the highest standards of service quality and productivity.

Furthermore, TBI’s team of travel consultants is highly trained and possesses an in-depth understanding of all key travel destinations. This knowledge base empowers them to provide expert guidance and recommendations to travelers, facilitating memorable and enriching journeys.

With a dedicated team of travel professionals at your disposal, TBI assures that there will always be someone readily available to cater to your every need. This commitment to customer satisfaction is a cornerstone of TBI’s approach to delivering exceptional travel experiences.

Contact Information:

  • Lagos Office:
    Address: Block 72, Plot 29B Victoria Arobieke Street, opposite Lekki British High School, off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Abuja Office:
    Address: F10 Suncity Estate Plaza Galadimawa, Abuja, FCT.
  • Phone: +234 8095555562, +234 9085128000, 09098800554.

11. Njetours

Njetours Limited is a distinguished global destination management company, renowned for its unwavering commitment to serving the diverse needs and requirements of both individual and corporate travelers. The company’s overarching mission is to transform the travel experiences of every individual who engages with Njetours’ services, ensuring that each journey is characterized by seamless, stress-free, and unforgettable moments. This applies not only to leisure travelers seeking memorable vacations and enchanting honeymoons but also to business travelers embarking on important and productive trips.

At the heart of Njetours’ operations lies a dedicated and highly qualified team of professionals who are not only adept at their craft but also passionately driven to deliver top-tier services. This team of experts possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in the travel industry, enabling them to offer invaluable insights, expert guidance, and meticulously planned itineraries. Their goal is to ensure that every traveler’s unique preferences and objectives are not only met but exceeded.

Through its steadfast commitment to excellence, Njetours Limited has positioned itself as a premier player in the realm of destination management. Whether you are an individual seeking unforgettable leisure experiences or a corporate entity in need of efficient and productive business travel solutions, Njetours stands ready to elevate your travel journey to the pinnacle of perfection.

Service Offerings

Certainly, here are the comprehensive services offered:

  • International/Local Airlines Reservation and Ticketing Service
  • Hotel Reservation and Apartment Short-Lets
  • Visa Processing Assistance
  • Tour Packages
  • Airport Protocol Services
  • International Passport Assistance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Corporate Travel Management Solutions
  • 24hrs Emergency Travel Service
  • Multiple Computer Reservation System
  • Online check-in and boarding pass retrieval to expedite airport procedures
  • On-site customer service capabilities
  • Meet and Assist Service at major airports in Nigeria
  • Tracking of client’s air-miles on any airline frequent flyer program
  • 24hrs Electronic ticketing and reservation, regardless of time zone or client location
  • Strong affiliations with Tour Operators and Travel Agents in various destinations for International
  • Travel Support Services
  • Comfortable Hotel Accommodation arrangements for passengers in any country.

These services reflect the commitment to ensuring a seamless and enjoyable travel experience for clients, whether for business or leisure.

Contact Information:

  • Address: Suite E329, Ikota Shopping Complex, Victoria Garden City, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Phone: +2347089496731
  • Email: [email protected]

10. Dinspira Travels Nigeria Ltd.

Dinspira Travels Nigeria Limited was established on May 18th, 2017, with a clear mission: to serve as a comprehensive travel firm offering top-notch professional immigration and educational consultancy services, all at an affordable cost.

Renowned as one of Nigeria’s most trustworthy travel agencies, Dinspira Travels specializes in providing expert guidance for Canada immigration, study abroad opportunities, and offers meticulously crafted tour packages as well as customized travel experiences for enthusiasts across Nigeria.

Dinspira Travels is dedicated to addressing the unique travel aspirations of a diverse clientele, which includes:

  • Professionals aspiring to secure better career opportunities and enhance their quality of life through immigration to Canada.
  • Families and couples nurturing dreams of relocating overseas for a fresh start and enriched experiences.
  • Students with ambitions to pursue further education on international shores.
  • Business individuals keen on international travel or permanent migration for entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Parents aiming to facilitate their children’s pursuit of overseas education.

With its unwavering commitment to providing reliable and accessible travel solutions, Dinspira Travels Nigeria Limited stands ready to assist individuals and families in realizing their dreams of overseas migration, education, and enriching travel experiences.

Contact Information:

  • Address: Suite 26, 2nd Floor Chimeganum Plaza, 21 Alcon Road Woji (Beside ‘Welcome U’ Supermarket), Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.
  • Phone: +234 803 255 1291, +234 708 961 9615
  • Email: [email protected]

9. Jands Travel Network

Jands Travel Network stands as a prominent and esteemed entity within Nigeria’s travel and tours sector, boasting a track record of excellence.

This esteemed organization, Jands Travel Network, holds full legal incorporation with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria. Its establishment in 2012 by Chioma Obi, a distinguished practitioner in the realm of travel and tourism, was driven by the desire to address the ever-growing demands of contemporary travelers. Jands Travel Network takes pride in offering premium services that cater to the diverse needs of the public, acting as intermediaries for a wide range of suppliers, including airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, hotels, railways, travel insurance providers, and package tour operators.

One of the key strengths that set Jands Travel Network apart is its formidable service team. Comprising a cadre of dedicated personnel, esteemed consultants, seasoned experts, and strategic partners, this team collectively ensures that every traveler’s experience is nothing short of delightful. The hallmark attributes of Jands Travel Network’s service include:

Hassle-Free Travel Planning: Travel arrangements made effortlessly with a simple phone call or text message.

Unparalleled Convenience: A commitment to ensuring utmost convenience for travelers.

Effective Time Management: Streamlined and efficient time management in all aspects of travel planning.

Expedited and Efficient Service: Prompt and effective travel arrangement and delivery.

Competitive Pricing: Offering cost-effective and affordable flight options without compromising on value and quality.

Client-Centric Ticket Delivery: The flexibility to deliver tickets to clients’ preferred locations for added convenience.

With these core principles as its foundation, Jands Travel Network has earned its reputation as a trusted partner for travelers seeking seamless, quality travel experiences.

Service Offerings

Certainly, here are the services provided:

  • Flight and Hotel Reservation
  • Tour Packaging
  • Visa Assistance Services
  • Training
  • Insurance
  • Elite Travelers Package

Contact Information:

  • Address: 34 Chime Avenue, New Haven, Enugu.
  • Phone: +2348067446755
  • Email: [email protected]

8. Diamonds and Pearls Travels Limited

Diamonds and Pearls Travels Limited is a duly registered travel company, commencing its operations in 2010. The primary objective of the company is to provide comprehensive travel solutions, with a particular focus on catering to the needs of business travelers requiring visa processing assistance for conferences and exhibitions at various global destinations.

At the core of Diamonds and Pearls Travels Limited is an unwavering commitment to demystifying the world of travel, making it accessible to individuals from all walks of life. The company fervently believes in reshaping the way travel products are perceived, emphasizing the inherent benefits rather than merely considering the costs.

To fulfill this vision, the travel consultants at Diamonds and Pearls Travels Limited undergo rigorous training and are driven by a passion for going above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. The company places paramount importance on delivering on promises, and often surpassing them, to create truly remarkable travel experiences for each and every customer.

Service Offerings

Certainly, here are the services provided:

  • Visa Processing Assistance
  • Cruises
  • Tailor-Made Packages
  • Honeymoons
  • Short Getaways
  • Family Vacations
  • Travel Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • International Exhibitions
  • Conferences

Contact Information:

  • Address: Plot 6B, Mike Adegbite Street, off Omorinre Johnson Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.
  • Phone: 08023154339, 08022228660, 08090986889, 09082066949, 09025215421
  • Email: [email protected]

7. Sehembz Travels

Sehembz Travels is a pioneering travel agency that specializes in curating unique and creative travel and study experiences for individuals from diverse backgrounds and locations across the globe. Their mission is to transform travel into more than just a journey; it’s about embracing travel as a lifestyle, an enriching experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

What sets Sehembz Travels apart is their unwavering commitment to professionalism and meticulous attention to detail when it comes to managing their clients’ travel logistics. Every aspect of the travel experience is carefully planned and executed to ensure top-notch service delivery and customer satisfaction.

At the heart of Sehembz Travels is a team of seasoned professionals who bring a wealth of experience from various sectors of the economy. These experts are well-versed in the intricacies of the travel industry and are driven by a shared passion for exploring new horizons and delivering exceptional, tailor-made travel experiences. With their diverse backgrounds and expertise, Sehembz Travels is equipped to offer nothing less than excellence in every aspect of their service.

Service Offerings

Certainly, here are the services provided:

  • Visa Procurement Assistance
  • Airline Tickets Reservation
  • Travel Insurance
  • Hotel/Accommodation Reservation
  • Oversea Admissions
  • Charter Services
  • Tourism, Vacation/Holiday Packages
  • Conferences/Seminar
  • Carnival Support Services

Contact Information:

  • Address: No. 2, Gashua Close, Area 8, Garki, Abuja
  • Phone: 09 292 0210, +234 806 080 5891
  • Email: [email protected]

6. TATAgency

TATAgency Limited stands as a fully registered and accredited company, holding certifications from both the Corporate Affairs Commission locally and various international travel and tourism governing bodies. These accreditations and licenses have been obtained by diligently fulfilling all the necessary requirements and meeting the highest industry standards.

Since its establishment in September 2018, TATAgency Limited has served as a trusted travel solution provider to an extensive clientele, which includes both corporate entities and individual travelers. Over the span of the last two years, the company has demonstrated remarkable growth and has solidified its position as one of the foremost emerging travel agencies in Nigeria.

This impressive ascent within the travel industry can be attributed to the unwavering dedication and motivation exhibited by the management and staff of TATAgency Limited. Their commitment to excellence and the pursuit of superior service have allowed the company to compete effectively with the very best in the industry, earning the trust and satisfaction of their valued clients.

Service Offerings

Certainly, here are the services provided:

  • Visa Processing and Expert Consultation Services
  • Prenatal and Postnatal Care Solutions
  • Global Accommodation Reservations (Local and International)
  • Tailored Getaway Packages (Individuals, Couples, Families, and Groups)
  • Booking and Ticketing for Domestic and International Flights
  • Efficient Airport Transportation Services
  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance Options
  • Personal Driver Services with Luxury Vehicles
  • Customized Protocol and Logistics Support (Domestic and International)

Contact Information:


  • Lagos, Nigeria: 38b, Adebayo Doherty Road, Lekki Phase 1.
    Regina, Canada: 59 Rae Avenue, S3N 4C6, Yorkton, Saskatchewan.
    Contact Email:
  • Email: [email protected]

5. Aspom Travel Agency

Aspom Travel Agency is a distinguished travel enterprise, formally established on the 2nd of February 2012, with a dedicated mission to offer unwavering assistance to individuals seeking to embark on journeys to destinations across the globe. Additionally, the company extends its expertise to assist organizations in orchestrating meticulously planned group tours for their employees, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Committed to delivering impeccable service, Aspom Travel Agency has assembled a team of highly skilled, resourceful, goal-oriented, and collaborative professionals. This team is focused on providing clients with a level of efficiency and performance that exceeds expectations.

Aspom Travel Agency excels in orchestrating a comprehensive range of travel-related services, encompassing visa processing, hotel reservations, and flight bookings. Their unwavering commitment to offering the most holistic travel experience is matched by their dedication to ensuring competitive pricing for their clients.

The agency specializes in facilitating visits and study visas for a multitude of countries, including renowned destinations such as Dubai, the United Kingdom, and the United States, among many others. Their extensive expertise and global network make them the ideal choice for those seeking to explore international horizons.

Service Offerings

Certainly, here are the services provided:

  • Visa Application Services
  • Flight Reservation and Ticketing
  • Hotel Reservation and Accommodation Booking
  • Tailored Vacation Packages
  • Hotel Pickup and Transportation Services

Contact Information:

  • Address:
    3rd Floor Brasas’r Place,
    69 Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1,
    100242, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Phone Numbers:
    +234 908 221 2663, +234 817 269 9697
  • Email:
    [email protected]

4. TMT Travels and Tours Limited

TMT Travels and Tours stands as a proudly certified Nigerian global migration agency and stands out as an esteemed, award-winning, and foremost travel and tours agency, renowned for its unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled travel opportunities to destinations across the globe.

Distinguishing itself in the realm of international travel, this agency specializes in the meticulous processing of various travel visa categories, including but not limited to student visas, tourist visas, and medical visas, ensuring access to virtually any country worldwide.

Furthermore, TMT Travels and Tours extends its comprehensive services to encompass budget-conscious and competitive airline ticketing options, facilitating seamless hotel reservations at locations spanning the globe, and efficient airport transfers in various destinations.

What sets TMT Travels and Tours apart is its team of travel designers and experts, who are not only highly trained but also possess an innate ability to attentively listen to the unique requirements of their guests. This creative aptitude enables them to craft exceptional travel projects and tours that are tailor-made to align perfectly with the distinct preferences and desires of their clients. In essence, TMT Travels and Tours goes above and beyond to transform travel dreams into unforgettable realities, ensuring that each journey is a truly personalized and exceptional experience.

Service Offerings

Certainly, here are the services provided:

  • Airline Ticketing
  • Airport Transfers
  • Corporate Travel Management
  • Hotel and Accommodations
  • Student Visa
  • Tour Packages
  • Travel Insurance

Contact Information:

  • Owerri Office:
    Address: 42 Ekwema Crescent Ikenegbu,
    Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria
  • Lagos Office:
    Address: 5B Adeniyi Jones,
    Victoria Island 101241, Lagos State
  • Abuja Office:
    Address: 4th Floor, Tower C Churchgate Plaza,
    AO Cadastral Zone, Constitutional Ave,
    900211, Abuja, Nigeria
  • Phone Numbers:
  • 08021295529
  • Email:
    [email protected]

3. Wakanow

Wakanow stands as the premier online travel company in Africa, dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of travel services that cater to the diverse needs of travelers across the continent and beyond.

Recognizing that simplicity and affordability are key factors in travelers’ choices, Wakanow has ingeniously crafted a one-stop booking platform that offers an extensive array of services. This platform seamlessly covers every aspect of the travel experience, encompassing affordable flight bookings, convenient hotel reservations, expert visa assistance, enticing holiday packages, reliable airport transfers, a prepaid travel card, an enticing loyalty program, and a plethora of additional services.

At the heart of Wakanow’s mission is the empowerment of travelers, offering them the invaluable power of choice through a vast selection of top-notch travel deals. This empowers individuals to embark on their journey of research, planning, and booking, all from the comfort of their homes or wherever they may be.

Furthermore, Wakanow has strategically established an interactive call center, further enhancing customer support. The company has also established a network of physical travel centers, currently numbering 32 and growing, located throughout Nigeria. These centers are strategically positioned, including those at international airports, to maximize customers’ convenience and accessibility.

In just eight years of operation, Wakanow has transcended boundaries to become a dominant player in the African travel booking landscape. With a physical presence spanning Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates, Ghana, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Kenya, the company has firmly established itself as a global player with ambitious plans for expansion into numerous other African countries and beyond.

Wakanow’s success is underpinned by a convenient payment system, a steadfast commitment to exceptional customer service, and a technological backbone that drives its operations. As it continues to broaden the horizons of travel possibilities, Wakanow stands as a formidable force in the African travel industry.

Service Offerings

Certainly, here are the services provided:

  • Flight Booking
  • Flight Status
  • Search Hotels
  • Domestic Flights
  • International Flights
  • Holiday Packages
  • Visa Assistance
  • Travel Card
  • Travel SIM

Contact Information:

  • Address:
    Plot 8, Elegushi Beach Road,
    Ikate Roundabout, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Phone Numbers:
  • Email:
    [email protected]

2. Travelstart

Travelstart stands at the forefront of the online travel agency industry, serving as a trailblazing platform that caters to the needs of both contemporary business travelers and leisure seekers. Its primary mission revolves around empowering individuals to seamlessly search, meticulously compare, and confidently book flights, all while enjoying access to an extensive array of airlines, including their preferred carriers.

Now headquartered in the picturesque city of Cape Town, Travelstart has successfully expanded its operations to span eight countries, each strategically positioned to offer optimal support to travelers in their respective regions. This growth extends to the establishment of essential branch offices in key markets, exemplified by its presence in Nigeria, Egypt, and Dubai.

At the heart of Travelstart’s ethos lies a resolute commitment to promoting affordable travel experiences. The company is dedicated to demystifying the travel booking process, making it more accessible and convenient for customers from all walks of life. Travel enthusiasts can easily access the treasure trove of travel possibilities by visiting the Travelstart website or by utilizing Flapp, the Travelstart app, designed to cater to the evolving needs of modern travelers.

Whether you’re in search of the most competitive fares available, the convenience of swift and secure online payment options, or simply the ease of booking your next adventure, Travelstart offers all this and more. With your preferred payment method at your fingertips, the booking process becomes a breeze, allowing you to embark on your journey with peace of mind and excitement.

Service Offerings

Certainly, here are the services provided:

  • COVID-19 Test Appointment
  • Comprehensive International Travel Insurance
  • Domestic Travel Insurance
  • Flexible Travel Dates
  • Medical Cancellation Refund
  • Airline Liquidation Protection
  • Aviation Accident Benefit
  • Lounge Access
  • Automated Check-In
  • Airline Ratings and Reviews
  • Rent a Car

Contact Information:

  • Address:
    47 Allen Avenue, Studio 24 building,
    Allen, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
  • WhatsApp Contact:
    +27 82 328 6400
  • Email:
    [email protected]

1. Travelbeta is a dynamic and rapidly growing player in the vibrant landscape of the Nigerian Travel and Tours industry. With a firm commitment to excellence, the company has been making significant strides in providing a wide array of services that cater to the diverse needs of its valued customers.

At, the range of services offered is both comprehensive and customer-centric. The company’s extensive portfolio includes facilitating hassle-free flight bookings, securing comfortable and convenient hotel accommodations, arranging prompt airport pickups, curating captivating vacation packages, tailoring corporate travel packages to meet business needs, providing specialized protocol services, offering the exclusive Blue Ribbon service, extending expert visa assistance, and even ensuring seamless international telephone services. has set itself apart as Nigeria’s emerging online travel agency that is genuinely dedicated to elevating and enhancing the travel experiences of its clientele. The core objective of the company is to inject an element of enjoyment and lasting memories into every journey.

The overarching aim of is to consistently deliver top-tier travel services characterized by a seamless and customer-centric approach. This commitment aligns perfectly with the company’s overarching mission, which is “to deliver memorable travel experiences to all customers without exception.” With this mission at its core, is poised to continue its ascent as a prominent leader in the Nigerian Travel and Tours industry, enriching the lives of travelers one unforgettable experience at a time.

Service Offerings

Certainly, here are the services provided:

  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Visa
  • Deals
  • Packages

Contact Information:

Abuja Office:

  • Address: 1st Floor, Transcorp Hilton Abuja,
    Maitama, Abuja.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone Numbers:
    08170003419 (WhatsApp)

Ikota Office:

  • Address: Suite I 223 Road 5, Ikota Shopping Complex VGC,
    Lekki Epe Expressway, Lagos.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone Numbers:
    08170003419 (WhatsApp)

Kano Office:

  • Address: A100 Zoo Road, beside KEDCO office,
    Zoo Road, Kano.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone Numbers:
    07041528888 (WhatsApp)
  • Website:

 Top 21 Travel Agencies in Nigeria

Presented below is a curated list of the highest-rated and most reputable travel agencies currently available for your consideration and utilization within the vibrant Nigerian travel industry landscape:

  • Travelbeta
  • Travelstart
  • Wakanow
  • TMT Travels and Tours Limited
  • Aspom Travel Agency
  • TATAgency
  • Sehembz Travels
  • Diamonds and Pearls Travels Limited
  • Jands Travel Network
  • Dinspira Travels Nigeria Limited
  • Njetours
  • Tour Brokers International
  • Ugofly Travels and Tours
  • Tamarks Travels and Tours
  • Caham Travels and Tours Ltd
  • Visa Travels and Tours Limited
  • Ufitfly
  • Tifa Travels and Tours
  • Leben Travels and Tours
  • Danza Travels and Tours

Premier Travel Agency in Nigeria

At the moment, when it comes to choosing the most exceptional travel agency in Nigeria, TravelBeta undoubtedly takes the lead as the top contender. This prominent agency has established a strong presence with offices strategically located in key cities such as Abuja, Lagos, and Kano, making it a convenient and accessible choice for travelers across the nation.

While TravelBeta stands out as the current frontrunner, it’s worth noting that Travelstart emerges as the closest competitor. These two agencies share a common commitment to providing travelers with top-notch services and a hassle-free booking experience, making them both exceptional options for those seeking travel solutions in Nigeria.


Selecting the most suitable travel agency in Nigeria can often prove to be a challenging task due to the multitude of choices vying for your attention in the market. Hence, the purpose of crafting this informative post is to provide you with valuable insights and guidance in making your decision.

By perusing the comprehensive list of travel agencies meticulously compiled within this article, you’ll discover that embarking on international travel endeavors will no longer present any daunting hurdles, as long as you fulfill the necessary prerequisites.

Rest assured that I dedicated several hours to conducting in-depth research on each of the companies featured in this list. This commitment ensures the authenticity and reliability of the information provided herein.

I trust that you found this article both informative and enlightening. As you set forth on your upcoming journeys, I extend my heartfelt wishes for your safety and well-being. May your travels be filled with memorable experiences and enriching adventures.

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