How to Get a Job in Dubai from Nigeria

How to Get a Job in Dubai from Nigeria

How to get a job in Dubai from Nigeria: If you’re wondering about the steps to secure a stable job in Dubai all the way from Nigeria, you’ve come to the right place. Dubai, often lauded as one of the world’s most captivating cities, is truly a marvel to behold. Its skyline is graced with some of the tallest skyscrapers globally, it offers a vibrant nightlife and affordable housing options, and it’s continually evolving.

Dubai is a destination that should be on the travel wish list of anyone who revels in exploring the beauty of our planet. However, when it comes to landing a job in Dubai while residing in Nigeria, meticulous attention to detail and careful dealings with recruitment agents or agencies are paramount.

Should you opt for an independent job search, exercising caution and staying vigilant as you navigate the array of online recruitment companies is of utmost importance. There have been numerous cautionary tales underscoring the significance of making well-informed decisions when seeking employment in Dubai.

Dubai undoubtedly presents a plethora of career opportunities, rendering it an appealing hub for job seekers. For those arriving from Nigeria, obtaining a visa and gaining entry to the country can be relatively straightforward, streamlining your journey to Dubai. READ ALSO: How To Get A Job In Toronto In 6 Steps

Let’s delve into the essential steps to kickstart this venture:

How to Get a Job in Dubai from Nigeria

These are the correct steps to follow to secure a job in Dubai from Nigeria.

1. Do Your Research

Regardless of your educational background or professional experience, Dubai has career opportunities for everyone.

Unskilled, semi-skilled, and skilled professions are the three categories into which jobs in Dubai are traditionally divided.

For instance, average yearly pay of AED 46,431 is what you may anticipate if you are seeking low-skilled employment in Dubai, such as driving, working as a waiter or waitress in a restaurant, or being a laundry attendant.

On the other side, if you work as a professional in Dubai, such as a doctor, engineer, or lawyer, your average yearly salary may reach AED 243,805 instead. So, regardless of your level of competence, Dubai has prospects for you.

2. Look for the big organizations

Dubai has several companies that are famous for their strict hiring processes and excellent work environments. Some of these top companies include:

  • Omnicom – a big retail company.
  • Estee Lauder – a cosmetics company.
  • Hilti Emirates – is known for its construction tools and services.
  • THE One – a well-regarded home furniture and decor brand.
  • Splash – a prominent fashion retailer.
  • EMC2 – a technology and data storage company.
  • FedEx – a global courier delivery service.
  • Hilton Worldwide – a renowned hotel chain.
  • Weber Shandwick Professional Services – a respected PR and marketing firm.
  • FedEx – a well-known courier and delivery service provider.

These companies have earned a reputation for being great places to work in Dubai.

3. Understand the Job Market

Even though Dubai’s overall economy is getting better, not all job markets are bouncing back equally.

There are a few sectors where people looking for jobs might have a good chance:

  • Tech
  • Human resources
  • Hospitality
  • Banking
  • Consulting

In these industries, things are going so well that it’s expected that salaries will go up even more. So, if you’re considering a job in one of these fields, it could be a good time to get started.

4. Improve Your Resume

The most important resource you have in your job search is your resume.

In Dubai, it can be difficult to get employment due to the high unemployment rate. A recruiter will just glance at your resume for six seconds on average. That is a brief period of time.

Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your resume is strong and free of major errors, such as the use of fancy terms that have no meaning.

5. Build an Online Image

How successful you are at seeking a job can be influenced by your online reputation.

Get rid of any content, such as negative postings or images, that could harm your ability to land a job in order to maintain a positive online reputation.

Additionally, it makes sense to conduct more online job-related activities. On job-hunting platforms like Bayt and LinkedIn, you can generate a CV and complete a profile.

However, it is not all work-related. By blogging about activities you enjoy doing in your own time or providing information about your family, you can also reveal a little bit about your personality. You may benefit from this in your job search.

6. Never apply for positions for which you are ineligible

It is fantastic to be enthusiastic about a firm, but that does not imply you should apply for jobs for which you are not qualified.

The hiring managers may assume you are disorganized and unsure of your goals if you submit applications for positions that do not fit your skills. It could give the impression that you are not entirely focused on your objectives.

7. The Dubai Yellow Pages

Many people believe it would be feasible and possible to try to obtain employment in Dubai from Nigeria.

You should never have to pay for a visa at this stage, so keep that in mind before you even begin looking for a job and applying.

To start, you could look online to see whether businesses might be hiring. There are a few excellent starting points for your search. hosts the Dubai Yellow Pages, which is one. You can also look at the websites of UAE free zones, which can be found at

But here’s something crucial: make sure you thoroughly investigate each company in which you are interested. Make sure the company is legitimate and has the necessary licenses for the work they undertake.

8. Look for a job

It is crucial to determine which jobs in Dubai best suit your skills before you begin your job search there.

Here are a few positions that frequently suit people from Nigeria:


There are many businesses in Dubai that employ Nigerian accountants. This is especially true if you have previous office experience or administrative expertise in a sizable organization.

Applying for positions at smaller companies that require assistance with their accounting and record-keeping may be a good choice.

Human Resources Manager

This can be a fantastic fit for you if you are looking for a position that includes more than just filing papers and keeping track of payroll information.

On specific projects related to hiring new employees, human resource managers commonly work with recruiters and headhunters. Prior to selecting candidates (or choosing to fire them if required), it is their responsibility to make sure they meet the qualifications.

9. Website to visit

To get a job in Dubai from Nigeria, you would have to invest your money and time in applying to companies that are open to hiring both residents and international applicants. Below is a list of websites where you can discover job listings:


Once you successfully secure a job through any of these websites, it’s important to take a few steps. First, confirm that the employer is legitimate. Then, start building a relationship with the employer’s representative. Don’t hesitate to request a written job contract letter, also known as an employment letter.

10. Employment Visa Application

Once your prospective employer offers you a written confirmation of a job offer, they kickstart the employment visa application process on your behalf.

You’ll need to wait for your employer to complete the process and apply to sponsor you for a Dubai employment visa. It’s important to note that your employer is responsible for covering the relevant employment visa processing fees.

The information you provided right from the start of your application process must be highly accurate. This is because the United Arab Emirates immigration department will contact you once they’ve verified the information submitted by your employer.

If you plan to stay in Dubai for more than 90 days, you’ll likely need an employment contract with your employer before applying for a visa. Additionally, you may be required to provide proof of police clearance certificates before your visa can be approved by officials at immigration offices in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, which are the two major cities where expatriates reside in the UAE.

To obtain these police clearance certificates, you can visit any police station within Nigeria’s borders. However, it’s a good idea to check with some embassies, as they might require these certificates during their own processing procedures.

Once your employment letter is granted, your employer will initiate the process of obtaining your employment visa. You should patiently wait for your employer to complete and apply for your Dubai employment visa sponsorship. Your employer will be responsible for covering the costs of the employment visa and any associated processing fees.

Expect to be contacted by the United Arab Emirates immigration department for verification as soon as this process is finalized. Therefore, it’s crucial that you provide your employer with precise and accurate information from the start.

UAE Visa Application Requirements

The visa requirements for the United Arab Emirates include the following:

  • An invitation letter from the company in Dubai where you intend to work. This letter should be addressed directly to a branch manager or HR representative at the company’s main office in Abu Dhabi.
  • A copy of your passport along with an original confirmation of your hotel reservation, if applicable.
  • You may also be required to provide proof of your financial resources or evidence that you have access to sufficient funds.

The processing times for visa applications can vary depending on the country you’re traveling from. Generally, obtaining a new visa can take anywhere from three days to two weeks.In exceptional instances, the process may extend to a maximum of three weeks.

Dubai Work Visa Requirements for Nigerians

If you’re a Nigerian considering working in Dubai, it’s important to understand that you will need a Dubai work visa. To obtain a Dubai work visa, you must meet three fundamental requirements, which will enable you to work and reside in Dubai for a duration of two (2) years:

1. Health Card

Acquiring a health card constitutes one of the three essential prerequisites for obtaining a Dubai work visa. This process entails undergoing a comprehensive medical examination, which includes a chest X-ray and a blood test aimed at screening for serious health conditions such as hepatitis C, HIV, and tuberculosis.

To initiate this procedure, you must submit an application to the Department of Health and Medical Services along with your medical records, photocopies of your passport, two passport-size photos, employment offer verification, and a completed employment visa application provided by your employer. Obtaining a health card is a crucial step in ensuring your eligibility for a Dubai work visa.

It’s important to note that if you test positive for any of the aforementioned serious diseases, you will not be eligible for a residence visa. Consequently, this would preclude you from working in Dubai.

2. Labour Card

In order to obtain a labor card, you are required to visit the Dubai Ministry of Labour office and complete the necessary paperwork.

This process entails submitting several documents, including a passport-sized photograph, three (3) copies of your employment offer or contract, your medical records, your employer’s labor license, and your entry visa. These documents are essential for processing your labor card application.

3. Residence Permit

To qualify for a Dubai work visa, applicants must fulfill the third and final essential criterion. To meet the prerequisites for working in Dubai, it is necessary to visit the Dubai General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs.

At this office, you will receive the residence visa application form, which you must complete in full during your visit. Additionally, you will need to bring several original documents, including a copy of your passport, an entry permit, a health certificate or medical records, a labor card (or labor card processing receipts), and two (2) passport-sized photographs. These documents are required for the visa application process.


Dubai is an ideal destination to kickstart your career in the UAE. The city is home to some of the world’s top-notch universities and colleges that provide high-quality education to both its residents and international students.

Dubai, with its population of over 1 million expatriate residents, offers numerous opportunities for those seeking permanent residency in this vibrant and dynamic city.



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